Technological Determinsim

Technological Determinism holds that technology causes social change. This is reflected in the amount of people that no longer purchase hard copy books, illegally download music, as well as social change that is brought about by social networking.

The majority of participants of my Facebook survey (from earlier on in the course) felt as though it were easier to communicate with people over Facebook as opposed to in person because they feel more confidence online. Perhaps this is because Facebook provides an invisible wall of security: it allows you to ponder your responses prior to actually saying them (a luxury time that is not as long when speaking in person), allows you to use emoticons to express emotions, as well as allows one to say what they truly feel. Why is it easier to speak your mind online? Because it is less intimidating than face-to-face conversations.

This correlates with the Impact of Technology on the Family Unit because through this survey we were able to see how far “conversations” have come through the years. Formerly, we would chat with one other face to face because we had no other means of communication, other than on the phone, or hand written letters. In more recent days, we can see how communication technology has evolved from telephones, to cell phones, to calls on computers (video calling is available on Facebook), to even having Facebook available on your phone. Many families today often lack communication between themselves because family members are so preoccupied carrying conversations with their peers online as opposed to spending time with their families. As people strive to build conversations with their peers through media such as Facebook, relationships with families can often suffer.

Technology can influence a change in one’s morals and attitudes regarding themselves, their peers, and how one should act. The Ashe Experiment would support this notion, because its findings make it clear to see that people will often conform to pressure from those around them in order to feel accepted, despite the fact their actions might not follow their true feelings, morals, or values. The internet provides a large platform for people to conform to those around them, as it opens the door to internet users beyond those whom they know personally.

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