Facebook Survey


I believe that teens are dependant on social media because not only does it expose them to the world, but it also helps strengthen the relationships between them and their peers. My Facebook assignment from a previous unit in the course directly answers the question of why I believe teens to be dependant on Facebook, as well as other forms of social media.

Survey Questions (Bold indicates distractor questions):

1.     When do you add someone on Facebook?

  1. After first meeting them?
  2. After meeting them a few times?
  3. Once you can solidly say that you’re “friends”
  4. Other

2.     How long have you had a Facebook account?

  1. Under a year
  2. Over 3 years
  3. Over 4 years
  4. Other

3.     Do you look the same in person as you do online?

  1. Yes, I look the same
  2. No, I look better online
  3. No, I look worse online

4.     Do you find it easier to talk to people on Facebook as opposed to in person?

  1. Yes, I’m more confident online
  2. No, conversations are easier to carry when they are in person
  3. Other (Please specify)

5.     Have you ever temporarily disabled your Facebook?

  1. Yes
  2. No

6.     Have you ever “liked” a Facebook page (say, of an artist, or band) that you don’t actually have any interest in?

  1. Yes (If you select this option, please explain in the box below)
  2. No

7.     Have you ever judged someone based off of his or her Facebook page?

  1. Yes
  2. No


My survey was completed by 15 particpants.

Survey link: http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/FPFLMD6

Question (Bold indicates distractor questions) Answers
#1 –       6 participants  (40%) answered A

–       8 participants (53.3%) answered B

–       1 participant (6.7%) answered C

2 participants answered Other:

–       If I want to get to know them better even first meeting them then I’ll send a friend request”

–       Only if they add me”

#2 –       0 (0.0%) participants answered A

–       4 (26.7%) participants answered B

–       10 (66.7%) participants answered C

–       1 (6.7%) participant answered Other

#3 –       7 (46.7%) participants answered A

–       8 (53.3%) participants answered B

–       0 (0.0%) participants answered C

#4 –       10 participants (66.7%) answered A

–       3 participants  (20%) answered B

2 participants (13.3%) answered Other

–       “doesn’t matter..i talk to same on chat as I do in person”

–       “depends on the situtation”

#5 –       7 participants (46.7%) answered Yes

–       8 participants (53.3%) answered No

#6 –       6 participants (40%) answered No

9 participants (60%) answered Yes (because…)

–       all my friends were talking about this rap group so i liked it too..”

–       “A lot of my friends liked the band so I liked the page too to fit in…”

–       “the boy I had a crush on liked a certain band so I liked the page so we would have something in common”

–       “I felt pressure to like it too”

–       “to appear cooler”

–       “cuz I wanna have friends!!”

–       “i was bored”

–       “as a joke or someone liked it on my account”

#7 –       14 participants (93.3%) answered Yes

–       1 participant (6.7%) answered No


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